Friday, February 12, 2010

Today's Friday, yesterday wasn't Remember When Wednesday!! LOL

Okay, not only do I stay away for a long time, but when going to type my title today being Thankful Thursday, it hit me!! I am so off right now:-)

I am happy though this morning. Just got back from Shaws and nothing starts my day better than Matthew's voice, then Tastycake Butterscotch Krimpets at my local store. I know they have been up here in MA for awhile now, but to get my favorites so close, finally!! And to have it with my French Vanilla coffee, you know it's going to be a good day.

I had to run a few errands this morning, because today in school Matthew's first grade class will be singing to him Happy Birthday along with some Valentine partying at the same time.

It is also Pajama Day, little things make us so happy in this world. Matthew gets to wear his new pajamas from Aunt K with Anakin Skywalker, Yoda and Hans Solo on them. He is one happy little guy.

He is continuing to impress me every day and I could type til the end of the earth about all that he is amazing at, but trying to move forward and not so much catch up with the past year.

At this time though, he loves anything Lego's, and of course the Wii, he aces at every game he does and makes my playing of the old Nintendo or Atari, look really pathetic. I was good at them though at the time. When my father had his pizza place when I was 14, he would give out 6 free slices to anyone who could beat my score on the Donkey Kong game he had there.

Matthew though takes everything to a whole other level. He still looks at the world like a sponge!! Yesterday in school he came home with a paper with two faces made out of black construction paper, that were Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. I told him that when Mommy was a girl, our teacher put the projector on the wall, so we could trace out those faces. He said "Mommy they don't do that anymore, we just trace the face onto the paper"...that was back in the old days....

He loves math, and is getting better at reading, more so when he hasn't had a long day already. He was given a wonderful gift of Treasure Island and read it for his first official book (with my help) for a project we have with the town and the school. This week we read another wonderful book by our friend along with one from his library.

He has been acing his spelling tests every week, and it reminds me of how much I loved spelling and still love reading. The next book we will read next week while on school vacation, is close to my heart.

In the 4th grade, my teacher would read to us My Side Of The Mountain . I don't know if it is because I had the biggest crush on this teacher, as he read and would pop his bubblicious bubble gum over his mustache, but when he read this book, it has stayed with me my whole life.

In my early 20's, I got the paperback of this book and re-read it. A few years ago, I got the movie version so Matthew could get the love of this little boy, with his pet peregrine falcon, in this tree in the woods. He loved it. I have been so waiting for this moment when I can now, share with him my book and we will re-read it together.

Ironically due to us living on the lake, we have wonderful wildlife and birds all around us. About a month ago, Matthew came home from school. I have his desk set up right in what would be the dining room, against a window, for light and as I was leaning over him, I thought some kind of shadowy figures flew outside the window, huge ones and maybe was our blue heron. I inched my way, down my house which is all windows and peeked out and on one branch on my neighbors tree, there sat a little above us two Red Tailed Hawks . I motioned quietly for Matthew to come over, and called my neighbor hoping they had a camera. They eventually flew away, but the wing span was incredible.

Ironically, my love of My Side Of The Mountain, has this inner boy in me, this love of things that I feel when I see them especially with my son with me to witness them with me. It's like we are living, and experiencing the amazingness of this world together and it is one amazing journey.

I miss him huge now that he is in school all day. I am so looking forward to next week when he has winter vacation and we have chances to bond more, with more memories. We are so far going to this SEE science center we went to a few years ago, that we know now he will appreciate so much more with their incredible Lego display of the whole town of Manchester, NH.

Well, have to get off now, so I can get in that shower, and get to his school later.

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